90% of consumers like custom content from brands, according to a new Time Inc. study

Time Inc., publisher of People, Time and Sports Illustrated, among others, recently surveyed 17,000 people across three major age demographics (Gen X, millennials and Gen Z) to determine their feelings on custom content and how brands fit into their worlds.

About 90 percent of respondents like the idea of custom content as a way for brands to engage with them, and 89 percent of people believe that type of content is a great way for brands to break through the rest of the clutter online.

More specifically, Gen Z respondents seem more open to deepening and developing their relationships with brands. Around 93 percent of Gen Z respondents want brands to do something new and unique in order to connect with them, and 88 percent believe custom content is a way for new brands to reach out to them.

Tim Dingersen