Netflix Is Even Personalizing Its Graphic Design To You Now

Netflix is spending $7 billion on content next year–content that’s been shaped largely by Netflix’s own data on what people like to watch. And of course, Netflix will ensure you see the content you’re most interested in, because each person’s queue is shaped by the company’s habit-tracking algorithms.

But in fact, Netflix’s extreme personalization goes even deeper than that. According to a new post by Netflix itself, the company goes so far as to customize the artwork you see for films and shows based upon what you’ve clicked in the past. Yes, that means that you and I may see at least nine different permutations of a cover for Stranger Things, simply based upon our viewing habits.

Netflix deconstructs how this works on its blog. The company shows that someone who watches a lot of romantic films probably sees covers that show two people in love, while someone who prefers pure comedy might see a zany comedian on the covers of what they watch. So what happens when each person is presented a recommendation for Good Will Hunting? The romantic sees Matt Damon and Minnie Driver leaning in for a kiss. The humorist sees Robin Williams laughing. Such a decision sounds like it was designed by a human, but in fact, these efficiencies are built by machine learning algorithms.

Tim Dingersen