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Give your video more life, 
go interactive.

You need video content, that’s a given. You’ve probably allocated a significant portion of your marketing budget to create content to promote your brand, sell products, educate or increase viewership. That’s great, but are you confident your content is keeping your audience truly engaged?  Other than views, what data are you capturing about your users?  It’s time to go interactive with your content, let us walk through some creative options.



Personalizing your viewers message is not a problem. Our platform is configure to give brands the ability to engage with their audience on a one-one basis.



We take the guess work out of your campaign’s success rate. With the ability to track and measure it now easy test, tweak and redeploy.



Easy to integrate into any new or existing campaign and fully customizable allowing your content and creative to shine.


Data Driven.

Let your user data do the legwork for you. Our platform seamlessly integrates your user data to make unique experiences for large scale campaigns.

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From Shoppable Videos to Educational content and everything in-between.Take your videos to a new level of engagement by including hotspots that perform an action when your audience clicks on them. Give your storytelling and new spin that will immerse your viewers and trigger them to take action.



Scrubbing the timeline is old news. With chaptered menus, you can easily break down a video into multiple sections, allowing viewers to easily browse through the content that is relevant to their needs and interests.




Branching scenarios have been a regular part of video game design for as long as the medium has existed. Combining both interactive video and branching scenarios can be seen as a great way to engage learners with a specific content while learning more about the user.


See real results.


As experiential technology is exponentially on the rise, so is the need to personalize and customize those experiences per the user to create personal relevancy in order to create a qualified conversion rate.



better conversion rates over passive content.


More engagment than passive video.


Video Completion Rates:


We build custom interactive videos solutions.


 At Lucke, we approach interactive content granularly. We first listen to your objectives, work with you to devise a custom solution, then get to work building.  This approach allows us the creative freedom we love and customization your brand deserves.

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